Milk chocolate 500 gram

Butter 500 gram

Sugar 300 gram

Egg 4 nos

Refine flour 250 gram

Nuts 100 gram


Custard powder 40 gram

Milk 300 ml

Strawberry syrup – for garnish 

Sugar 75 gram

1 Melt chocolate and butter in a microwave bowl. Stir them well.

2 Beat sugar and eggs in a bowl, by a beater till creamy.

3 Add flour slowly and mix by hand, then add melted chocolate . Mix by hand.

4 Bring a perchment paper, line in a rectangular (12 inch × 12 inch) baking tray. Pour batter. Heat oven 180°C . Bake till 25 minute .

5 Remove from oven and keep a side. 

6 Now bring a saucepan , pour milk, add sugar , heat in fire. In a another bowl mix custard powder and little water.

7 When, milk ll hot, then add custard mix in milk. Stir in slow fire. After few time, it ll look thick. Remove from fire.

8 In a dessert plate , pour strawberry syrup and make a round. Cut brownie as round [ you can choose your size ] and keep over strawberry syrup. 

9 Now pour custard over brownie. Garnish by few chocolate decorations . Serve, it semi hot with a cup of coffee 👌🏻